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 Cape May Can Man LLC is not responsible for:

  • Lost cans

  • Broken cans

  • Schedule of your trash provider

  • If trash provider does not empty cans

  • Someone else handling your cans

    • If a service provider arrives and cans have been handled by someone else (Neighbor, Renter, Landscaper, etc.), the client will still be charged for the visit.​

  • Content of cans

  • Any debris not in a can

    • Loose bags, boxes, scattered waste, etc.​

    • Extra fee for any debris, trash, recycles not in can. 

Client is responsible for:
  • Marking cans with address and unit number (If applicable)
  • 24 hour notice required or any schedule changes, otherwise you will be billed for the scheduled visit. 
  • Cans must weigh 50 pounds or less. 
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